The Wild Oscar is located in the exclusive Polanco area, home to Mexico City’s finest experiences and products in terms of taste and sophistication. This elegant neighborhood is the meeting point for a select community of global influencers and industry leaders that gather around the same high-end lifestyle.


A fresh take on Salons, Literary Circles and Private Clubs, The Wild Oscar’s design refers to a distinct familiar, homelike sensibility and upscale cultural values. Original local artwork, singularly designed furniture, exclusive amenities were meticulously developed and selected to reflect the narrative of The Wild Oscar. Each of the 31 room spaces, as well as the common areas were thought- out to perpetuate the feeling of exclusivity, and the sense of belonging to a likeminded community of thinkers and leaders.


The Wild Oscar aims at finding the perfect harmony between life, work and travel. A concept carefully planned and arranged around the ideas of functionality and comfort of a modern-day Members’ Club. Inspired by the educated business voyager’s peculiar lifestyle, our facilities aim at finding the perfect balance between life, work and travel. Combining the best aspects of a home, and an office, The Wild Oscar optimizes the hospitality experience in every way.

Apartments & Rooms

4 apartments with unique bedrooms of differing sizes, residential in feel, each decorated with a different timeless style. Our homelike apartments aim to take home, office and accommodation: for work and play to another level through a thorough and detailed design, appointed with hand-selected, original artwork and exclusive amenities.

Fitness Center

Dedicated studio space for cross training, optimally designed and equipped with cardio machines and weights. Open 24/7.